November 22, 2006


Even though I am constantly cold (I even have a space heater under my desk at the office), Icehotel looks like an adventure. The hotel is located in Jukkasvjarvi, Sweden - a small village 200km inside the Arctic Circle. Several accommodation options are available: Cold, Warm or Wilderness Camp (I'm imagining dog-sleds, ice fishing and Reindeer rodeos). In the winter months, Icehotel offers snowmobile, dog-sled and moose safari day-trips, courses in ice sculpting, snowshoe and cross-country ski excursions, hunting, etc. In the summer, one can go hiking, fishing, hunting, canoeing and camping (plus more). The Northern Lights are visible all year round. I have officially put it on my list of places to visit.


Livingstones are ultra-comfy seating and sleeping cushions.
Available in wool and neoprene - for outdoor use.

Now everyone can be Princess Leia...

via Design Milk: The Princess Leia knit hat. Too funny. If I only knew how to knit...

November 21, 2006

Alexander Girard's Wooden Dolls

Wooden figures by Alexander Girard, originally made in the 1960's, have been recently re-issued by Vitra. Each doll has so much character!

November 17, 2006

Insulation Installation

Front Bedroom

Back Bedroom

Back Bedroom Cantilevered Bay Construction In-Progress...

The guy in the photo above is Jonathan, our carpenter.
... and no, that 2x4 is NOT supporting the roof... not really...

Load Bearing Masonry Wall under the Back Bay



There are corridor lights that actually WORK!

New Windows in the Front Bedroom

... one month later

Logging in this afternoon, I realized that my last post was one month ago, to the day.
It has been a bad month... very very bad.

I'm back though and I'll try to catch everyone up with the construction progress...