March 29, 2011

the April to-do list...

... Charlevoix's April to-do list?
+ Lounge on couch... done and doing.
+ Shed winter coat... getting it done while lounging on the couch.

Mine is a little longer...

+ Assemble Ikea Kassel storage boxes
+ Organize books/bookshelves (front bedroom, study, dining room)
+ Sort thru boxes upon boxes of STUFF from the Michigan house (IN-PROGRESS)
+ Figure out what to do with textiles
+ Wash windows (inside and out)
+ Deep clean the house (top to bottom)
+ Spackle misc. attention areas of walls
+ Finish hanging artwork (downstairs and upstairs)
+ Schedule Salvation Army Pick-Up
+ Spring clean
+ Purchase a few planters/pots and replant plants that are currently in leaky pots

+ Adjust shelves in closet
+ Organize (IN-PROGRESS)
+ Paint and hang pin-up boards
+ Figure out, and purchase, a wood top for hairpin desk legs (budget choice = Ikea; to be picked up next trip)

+ Assemble coffee table
+ Assemble pendant light fixture
+ Replace burnt-out light bulbs
+ Figure out when the Craigslist dude is picking up the giant wood ceiling panel
UPDATE: The Craigslist dude has gone M.I.A. (GASP! No... REALLY???) Oh well... the search for a new Craigslist dude has begun... 
+ Do a bit of creative re-arranging with some of the furniture
+ Figure out what to do with the tv/media console hideousness 
+ Organize laundry zone
+ Move misc. items to the basement (sewing machine, tool cart, glass panel)
+ Install cabinet hardware
+ Purchase and Hang smoke/CO2 detector
+ Finish outfitting basement powder room (mirror, shelves, hooks)
+ Construct/Install hook rack
+ Clean-out/Organize front-half (IN-PROGRESS)
+ Coordinate with Craigslist dude as to when he is picking up the 2 skylights

Front Yard
+ Repair bird house that fell from branch and re-hang
+ Clean up front yard (rake up dead leaves, trim/cut down rose bushes, sweep and clean out basement stairwell)
+ Trim tree branches
Back Yard
+ Rake clear all dead grass in backyard and plant grass seed
+ Plan of action for backyard (walkway, tree, plantings, etc.)
Grass seed is not taking... more drastic measures will be required come May.
2011 Landscaping Plan complete. Follow-up in May.

+ Pick up Enje shades from Ikea and install them (needed in the dining room and upstairs)
+ Price out, purchase and install sink/faucet in first floor powder room.