April 17, 2007

New Appliances... and Parquet?

Sunday, while Bryan was framing out the roof hatch opening upstairs, I installed temporary quick-fix flooring in the kitchen, courtesy of the Home Depot - vinyl, self-stick, faux-wood parquet floor tiles. DON'T LAUGH... the tiles were cheap ($60 total) and a means of fast installation... Just pretend it's real wood parquet... squint at the photos...

The existing kitchen floor tiles were just TRASHED. Broken, stained with adhesive, scuffed and brittle, they would not last another 3 months, and there is no way we'll get to rehabbing the kitchen by then, alas, the temporary quick-fix flooring. Plus, the new appliances just demanded vinyl fake wood parquet floors:

Okay, the appliances actually demand A BRAND NEW KITCHEN, but the vinyl parquet will just have to do.

I ran out of steam around 10pm and did not finish the area around and under the refrigerator. In case you were wondering, the new refrigerator is too big to fit into the old refrigerator's niche, and if we (Bryan) want to keep the water and ice dispenser hooked up (the man needs his ice, what can I say?), we have to keep the refrigerator in front of the counter. It's not that bad... at least we don't have to keep it in the living room, next to the bed, although that could be convenient...

Charlevoix to the Rescue

April 11, 2007

Find the New Appliances...

My life is like a Cracker Jack Box... every day a surprise, when I open the door!