June 4, 2011

weekend to-do list

FINALLY, summer... you have arrived!
... it took you long enough... for awhile, I was starting to think that you were going to pull a spring with a no-show... it's okay... all is forgiven, as long as you stick around until late October... deal?

Lots to get done this weekend...

+ Home Depot (sand, grass seed, mulch)
+ Target
+ grocery shopping

+ plant flowers in all the planters and pots and feed roses
+ re-plant Cotoneasters
+ re-plant jade plant and green leafer into larger pots
+ level pavers / fill gaps with soil and grass seed (Bryan's working on it... )
+ paint lampost and housing/casing (July 4th weekend project)

+ meet with A/C subs for estimates (3 scheduled)
+ figure out back deck design and complete drawings (in-progress)
+ call fence sub to find out if they could pour footings for deck (save us from renting an auger)
+ organize bookshelves (dining room, bedroom, study) (to be completed during the week of June 6th)
+ organize/clean out closet
+ install hardware on basement cabinets
+ organize/clean-up laundry area
+ bag-up items for Salvation Army
+ clean house
+ laundry
+ catch up with emails
+ finish at least 1 of the 4 books I'm reading (realistic goals here... )