July 28, 2008

Front Walkway Instalation

What I did on my summer vacation...

I discovered that we had an extra three feet of ceiling space in the back room...
... I also saw a lot of brick in desperate need of some tuckpointing loving care...
... I discovered a service stair that should lead upstairs to the second floor...
... and last, but not least, I witnessed the scariest tangle of electrical conduit known to man.

The end.

July 8, 2008

4th of July Demo Party

This past weekend, we decided to take advantage of the extra day-off and get a jump start on first floor construction/gut-rehab efforts, starting with demolition of the back room. Our current plan of action is to start with the back room, so that we can install a back door, which will actually be double french doors (that will eventually open onto a nice little porch/patio/back garden). Once we have a 'back door', we can go to town with the rest of the first floor demolition, since we then won't have to haul all the debris thru the basement.We rented a 10yd. dumpster, which was delivered last Thursday. The driver 'tried' to maneuver it into our back yard, however given how narrow our alley is (and given the driver's truck was larger than the other trucks that have delivered previous dumpsters, or so he claimed), the dumpster wouldn't fit, so we just placed it on a side street, right off the alley. We figured we could just haul the debris down the alley, in a wheelbarrow.
We spent Thursday night clearing out the back room and basement, since we had some junk down there that needed to get thrown away. Friday morning, bright and early, we started the demo.
Bryan did all of the 'demo'. I helped clear debris. We still have the ceiling and 2 walls to demo, but majority of that can get done once the 'back' doors are installed.