December 27, 2007

winter wonderland

About 2 weeks ago, we got hit with about 8" of snow... it was beautiful!
Charlevoix was in heaven... I think she inhaled a pound of snow, pretending to search for avalanche victims.

Merry Christmas!

... Bryan calls it the 'Charlie Brown' Christmas Tree. It works though!

December 13, 2007

a whole new level of green cleaning...

The Slipper Genie via today's New York Times, Home & Garden Personal Shopper. These things are hilarious! We've got wood floors and St. Bernard... at $9.99, I'm thinking maybe I should consider buying a pair!

December 12, 2007

Staircase Drawers

... turn your stairs into drawers. Brilliant!

ew, mold.

I recently read about CertainTeed DryRight Fiberglass Insulation while researching materials for a project. It is faced with 'MemBrain' (that is definitely SOME witty wordplay going on... membrane/MemBrain... hahaha, those wacky manufacturers, what a hoot!), which is a breathable film, allowing enough airflow yet controling moisture content, thereby, reducing mold/mildew growth. Genius.

Also good to know... latex and silicon caulks should have Microban or Bio-Seal.