February 1, 2011

basement update...

photo taken looking east... towards closed off nasty other half of basement.

Looking good... with our crazy tight budget, definite improvement... except for:

1) The electrical and plumbing connections for the washer and dryer.
They bother me to no end... visually, they disturb me. I'd even go so far to say that they are flat out offensive. They scream, "HEY THERE, YOOHOO! YEAH YOU... LOOK AT ME!!! I DISRUPT THE ENTIRE BASEMENT WITH MY INTESTINAL APPEARANCE...".

2) The mammoth piece of ductwork running the entire length of the basement.
How ugly can you get? ... why oh why, dear previous owner, would you place that thing smack down the middle? WHY?

... well, we needed the washer and dryer connections to be accessible... and as for the ductwork, it is just way too expensive to move... so, I'm just going to ignore them. You can too...
photo taken looking west... towards door to backyard.

The bathroom still needs a little attention:
... along with a somewhat long list of other items still to be addressed:

... not to mention some finishing touches, such as cabinet hardware, hooks, some additional shelves and storage solutions, artwork/posters, etc.... aka. the fun stuff!