January 6, 2008

the vertical library

Now that the upstairs is habitable once again, we are trying to get somewhat more organized. So many things have been packed away in boxes... for example, books. We have two large Ikea Expedit bookcases downstairs, plus a Crate & Barrel curving bookcase system upstairs (I bought it about 10 years ago). However, they are only a temporary solution since about half of our books are still in boxes. When we rehab the downstairs, the plan is to create copious shelves to house our books, but in the meantime, we opted to invest in three Tall Sapien Bookcases from Design Within Reach (we got them on sale, so it actually was within reach). Personally, I prefer storing books in a horizontal format, but I have to admit that for what we need right now, the bookcases are a great solution. Easy to assemble (I did it by myself) and easy to move, plus the bookcases do store a lot of books (although they look better when not completely filled).

tea time

I have been the recipient of several wonderful tea-related gifts lately, and I've been putting them all to good use... Chicago has been bitterly cold and damp.
My aunt and uncle gave me a gorgeous Alessi tea kettle for Christmas. Then, my cousin and her family sent a collection of tea leaves (with accompanying book) by Le Palais Des Thes, which can be prepared in the tea mug Bryan's mom brought back from China. Preparing tea has never been such fun!

January 4, 2008

closet systems...

During the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend (yes, I'm over one month late with this post... apologies to all... it has been a busy month), we installed closet systems in the front (master) bedroom. After much searching and cost comparing, we opted to go with Ikea's PAX Wardrobe System (minus the doors). The major selling points were: all solid surface; design-your-own system with numerous shelving and drawer options; independent floor-supported modules (no need to wall mount); and MOST important... reasonable cost.
I assembled the systems and Bryan lifted and moved the modules into place...

... Charlevoix came and supervised. What a champ...

My mom even contributed to the cause and outfitted us with wooden hangers from Nordstrom Rack, Linens & Things and Ikea... you can get a case of 12 for something like $3.00.
I have never had such magnificently organized closets. Ever. Wow.
... and we couldn't have done it without Ikea's brilliant instructions:
hee hee hee.