January 14, 2011

basement progress...

... slow... but getting there.

Plumbing roughed in. Electrical roughed in. Insulation in. Drywall is up, taped and mudded. Brick wall sanded and primed. Concrete floor patched. Tile floor starting to go in...

... yet still so much to do.

... not loving the tile... but it doesn't offend me, so I think we can learn to live in harmony. Budget ($1.07/sf) beat aesthetic (approx. $3/sf) this time around. It's the basement... I'm keeping perspective.
... we almost gave up on the bathroom. The existing WC booth was raised on a plywood platform... below the plywood was a sand subfloor... yes, sand. Actually, the entire basement floor has been quite the challenge... the existing concrete floor is only about 1" thick... Ideally, we would have loved to have just a nice, high quality, smooth and sealed concrete floor throughout the entire basement... we seriously considered digging up the existing floor, dropping it about 8" and re-pouring the concrete... that way we'd get (much needed) extra head clearance and a finished floor... but budget doesn't allow... $$$$$. Alas, the patching and $1.07/sf tile solution...

Washer and Dryer are scheduled to be delivered next week... stay tuned.

January 10, 2011

the basement - finishes

Flooring: Home Depot - Marazzi Ceramic Tile, 12" x 12"= $1.07/SF
Ceiling: Home Depot - USG Ceilings, 2' x 2' Panels = approx. $2.00/SF
Paint: Sherwin Williams - Dover White
Washer/Dryer: Home Depot - Amana = $780. for both (super sale!)
Cabinets: Ikea - Akurum base cabinets with Applad panels, white
Countertop: Ikea - Pragel, white = approx. $6.00/SF
Sink: Ikea - Boholmen = $105.99
Faucet: Ikea - Alsvik or Ringskar, both $159.00
Shelves: Ikea - Lack = approx. $20.00/ea.
Doors and Hardware: Home Depot, tbd.
Basement Powder Room Faucets and Fixtures: Home Depot or Ikea or Fixture Universe.com, tbd