April 24, 2009

springtime = backyard garden planning

Now that it is FINALLY spring, and now that we have a back door, we've decided it's time to start tackling the backyard so that we (and Charlevoix) can actually USE it and ENJOY it this summer (= bbQs, margaritas, naps in a hammock and Charlevoix lounging in a kiddie pool).

After going back and forth with several ideas, and given our budget, we decided to keep it simple: fenced in paved patio, with a small wood deck (or rather, balcony - mainly just to provide access down to ground level), two small planter beds and a flowering tree. We decided to go with paving mostly for function - this way we can use the back as a patio AND for parking.
Construction kicks off in May... the garden/patio should look better than my quick Photoshop montage (above)... or at least the deck/balcony and stairs will... I hope...