January 15, 2007

FOUND: Service Stair

Yesterday, while taking something down to the basement, I began inspecting the very sad state of our basement stairwell. I thought it odd that the stairwell's ceiling sloped, until it dawned on me... our neighbor's house has a rear / 2nd stairway to the second floor... we probably do too, except ours has been covered up by a wall on the first floor and floor on the second!
I quickly sketched up a revised second floor plan, illustrating modifications to our current plan if we were to go ahead and resurrect the hidden stair. The bottom plan shows existing, while the top plan includes the 2nd stair. We decided to just leave the hidden stair hidden. Too much space is lost on the second floor to justify the cost of restoring the stair... even though it really is a fantastic vintage original feature (sigh).

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