May 14, 2007

Leveling the Floors

The drywallers started today! They are actually doing a little more than just drywall... Our existing subfloor was in bad shape, so they are patching, leveling and replacing areas of the subfloor prior to installing the drywall.
In order to level the floors, the carpenter is 'shimming' at the floor joists. In the middle bedroom, he actually removed the entire existing subfloor, since it was in such bad shape. However, in the corridor, he is just placing shim strips, every 16" on center, on top of the existing subfloor - you can see the strips at the bottom half of the photo above. On top of these strips, he will then secure 1/2" plywood sheets, which will be the new subfloor.

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Little Old House said...

It must be exciting to be getting the subfloors done and drywall up! Progress!!