June 4, 2007

Design Out of Reach

I have always had a love for Airstreams. They are classic. Their design, timeless, and their concept... "light enough to be towed by a standard automobile... every inch, a functional purpose".

If Chicago had a milder climate AND we had a bigger yard AND I had some extra cash burning a hole in my pocket... I would buy one in an instant. I'd park it out back and use it as a studio space/guest house. Then, if a road trip beckoned... just pack it up and hit the highway.

Well, today I read that Design Within Reach has teamed up with Airstream to create a special edition trailer, outfitted with Tripolina Chairs, Heller Dinnerware, a Nelson Ball Clock and even a Maharam Pillow... price = $49,066. Once again, Design Within Reach has put a favorite OUT of reach.

Well, to be fair, I guess it was never really in reach anyway...

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