August 29, 2007

Master Bedroom Subfloor Revisited

Even though we installed a new subfloor (atop the old subfloor) throughout the rest of the upstairs (exception being the back bedroom), we opted to try and work with the existing subfloor in the master bedroom. It appeared to be in relatively good condition... Well, the floor in the bedroom was not level enough, plus it was approximately 1" lower than the corridor subfloor - a difference significant enough that even the best of thresholds couldn't transition smoothly. So, we ended up installing a new subfloor.

Maybe we should have just pulled up the existing subfloor and started from scratch, rather than just putting a new subfloor atop the old? We probably paid just as much. No... if we would have pulled up the existing subfloor, we would have discovered problems we do NOT want to know about nor deal with. Oh, the joy of old houses!

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