August 14, 2007

Second Floor Home Stretch

Construction has once again resumed on the second floor... We're in the home-stretch, only a few (major) items to complete before we can once again reside upstairs. The thought of having over 1000 sf of additional space is just mind blowing. Once we finish the upstairs, we will have so much space, Bryan, Charlevoix and I will be able to have our very own bedroom EACH... Bryan, Charlevoix and I will be able to have our very own closet EACH... Bryan, Charlevoix and I will be able to have our own bathroom EACH... THAT is HOW MUCH additional space we will soon aquire. BUT FIRST, the few (major) items to complete...

1) Repair drywall at skylight opening. Done. Photos to follow on future post.
2) Install wood floors in bedrooms and corridor. Repair and reconstruct stairs, handrail and guardrail. To be completed towards end of month/beginning of next - pricing will be submitted by end of this week. We are still trying to decide between bamboo and oak, bamboo being our preferrence. Final decision will most likely be driven by cost though.
3) Complete 'messy' work in Master Bathroom, 'messy' work = plumbing, electrical, framing and installation of drywall and cement board.

Installation of tile, fixtures and faucets, in the Master Bathroom, will be done at future dates, as funds become available. Same goes for installation of window, door and floor/wall trim, installation of doors, installation of closet organizers and painting (everything is currently primed, we'll paint once we get the downstairs completed).

So, this week... we have repaired the skylight opening. Now, we are working on getting the plumbing, electrical and framing completed in the Master Bathroom. Floor plan below:

We had previously ordered the tub (Devonshire by Kohler - acrylic, drop-in, inexpensive and purchased thru, shower pan (Swanstone - also acrylic, inexpensive and purchased thru, and the rough-in valves and trim pieces for the tub, shower and sink faucets (all Hansgrohe purchased thru K&B Galleries, in the Merchandise Mart). All are currently located somewhere in our living/dining/sleeping room. Today I ordered the sink. We opted to go with Vero, by Duravit, wall mounted, no counter (cheaper and looks good):
We should be getting it in about 4-6 weeks... no rush though, since I don't think we'll be installing it until at least October, possibly November. This year, 2007... just in case you were wondering... (By the way, the Hansgrohe sink faucets we ordered are almost identical to the ones in the photo above... Uno.)
We still have construction going on outside... more on that later.

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