October 16, 2007

Beautiful Home Safety

Recently, I purchased a smoke/carbon monoxide detector alarm, for the upstairs. It's manufactured by Kidde and not bad in appearance, although I definitely don't think it would win any design awards. If I only would have known about Home Hero sooner... they make a really nice 2-in-1 smoke/carbon monoxide alarm AND it's available at Home Depot, along with their fire extinguisher (photo above), available for around $30. We used to have the standard red extinguisher, which we kept in the pantry. Personally, I think fire extinguishers should be kept right next to the stove... but if you are trying to keep things clean and minimal, an industrial red extinguisher just doesn't cut it. Anyway, while cleaning out the pantry last week, I discovered that the old extinguisher expired, so I think we'll try this model out next.

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stephan Tran said...

very cool love the design of this thing