October 3, 2007

Good-buy Modernica Chicago

Modernica's Chicago Showroom is closing (so sad). No set date as to when the doors will close, but in the meantime, floor model furniture is 25% to 50% off!

We ended up taking advantage of this sale and getting a Case Study Daybed at a very nice discount. There were three floors models available - two in Walnut Stain Frame with Type I fabric in Chataqua Lipstick and one in Classic Stain Frame with Type II fabric in Frise Taupe. We decided to go with the Classic Stain Frame/Frise Taupe fabric option. Primary reason being, even though the red color was fantastic, the quality of the Type II fabric was noticably better in quality. Plus, the red was not tweedy, and as a result, already looked somewhat worn. As for the frame, the wood used for all options is actually maple, so the walnut stain was very dark and looked to be more of a painted finish, rather than a stain. I think the walnut option would work in a large, light, open space, but the dark stain makes the frame look very heavy, and given the daybed will be used in the itty-bitty study/guest bedroom, any furniture in that room needs to disappear as much as possible.

We were going to try and fit the couch in Bryan's SUV, but it doesn't look like that's even an option given the dimensions of both, so the couch will be delivered to the house sometime this week or next! I'll be sure to post photos once it has arrived.


Wendy said...

Nice!! Where are you guys going to put it?

ingrida said...

It's going into the middle bedroom, which we are using as a study/guest-bedroom.