October 7, 2007

Upstairs Bathroom Shower Curtain Track - Installed

We finished up the shower curtain track project this weekend! We had temporarily screwed the track into the ceiling (see previous blog entry), however, Bryan suggested recessing the track, and I agreed, so we took it down and started anew. It turned out to be a more laborious project than anticipated, but then again, EVERYTHING is more laborious than anticipated, when it comes to construction.

The track itself came in 8 pieces, all of which had to be permanently secured to each other, so the track would act as just one single piece. I managed to find a long, flat strip of metal at Home Depot (in the door/window hardware aisle), which Bryan cut into 8 pieces, with a Dremel, to use as connector plates between the different pieces of track. Once all 8 pieces were secured to each other, we temporarily secured the track to the ceiling, again, so that we could draw an outline of the track onto the ceiling.
We then took the track down, again, and with a Dremel tool, Bryan cut the outline of the shower curtain track. After that, he chipped out all the drywall, within the outline. I never truly appreciated HOW fantastic Dremel's are until this project... you can do almost anything with a Dremel... seriously. Every household should have one.
Some details of the track's connector plates above...
After all the drywall had been removed, we inserted the track and Bryan secured it by screwing it to the ceiling joists, so hopefully, it will stay put. The only things left to do are caulk and seal around the track (where it meets the drywall), then paint. ... and then, finally, the bathroom will be 100% fully operational. Minus a door, that is...

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Wendy said...

track looks great! I think that was a good call on recessing it!