January 6, 2008

the vertical library

Now that the upstairs is habitable once again, we are trying to get somewhat more organized. So many things have been packed away in boxes... for example, books. We have two large Ikea Expedit bookcases downstairs, plus a Crate & Barrel curving bookcase system upstairs (I bought it about 10 years ago). However, they are only a temporary solution since about half of our books are still in boxes. When we rehab the downstairs, the plan is to create copious shelves to house our books, but in the meantime, we opted to invest in three Tall Sapien Bookcases from Design Within Reach (we got them on sale, so it actually was within reach). Personally, I prefer storing books in a horizontal format, but I have to admit that for what we need right now, the bookcases are a great solution. Easy to assemble (I did it by myself) and easy to move, plus the bookcases do store a lot of books (although they look better when not completely filled).

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