October 24, 2008

the windows are in!

When we ordered the windows and door from Home Depot, back in September, Home Depot told us that they would be delivered October 14th. We figured no problem - we'll have everything in place and completed so that they could be installed starting October 15th.

Well, the first hiccup occurred when Home Depot 'accidently' sent the order to a 3rd party delivery service (surprise surprise). As a result, they were delivered a week late (October 21st).

Second hiccup was that the electrician was several days late in starting... and since the space is so small, the framers couldn't work alongside the electrician... someone would drop something on someone's head or foot or trip and fall out of a window opening and then we'd lose the house to a bunch of ambulance chasing lawyers... so, installation got put off ANOTHER several days.

In the meanwhile, Chicago turned into Anchorage, Alaska... and, of course, our furnace could not be turned on until it was serviced... and, of course, I scheduled the service appointment for today, October 24th because this is Chicago, and it would still be around 60 or 50 degrees. So even if we still have 5 huge gaping holes in our brick walls, no big deal. It won't be THAT cold...
Lessons learned this week:
1) Home Depot deliveries are guaranteed MESSED-UP.
2) Nothing is ever on-schedule. Except bills and that train you just missed...
3) Get your furnace serviced in August.

Anyway, long story long, the windows are finally in... the door goes in tomorrow... and the furnace has been serviced and can now be turned on.

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