November 6, 2008

parapet wall = done (for now)

The front parapet has been on our 'to do list' since July 2007. We have been putting it off, knowing the repair will be costly, plus it's not like the roof is leaking, right?
Back in mid-September, we had 3 full days of pouring, driving rain. It was during that weekend that the roof started leaking in the front bedroom. Not a major leak, but a noticeable one.
We asked the roofer to come and check it out... Turns out, because the parapet was in such bad shape, rain was seeping in thru the deteriorated joints AND the flashing wasn't adhering at the back of the wall (since the plaster-patched brick was crumbling). PLUS, the stone could be jiggled with your bare hands (translation: it wasn't secure and could potentially fall = BAD).
This 'repair' was NOT in the budget for this year, but after some SERIOUS negotiations with the roofer, we agreed on a price and the parapet wall has now been rebuilt, re-pointed and re-flashed. Give it up for the roofers Walter, Wally and their other brother Wally. Woo hoo!

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