November 9, 2008

wood floor stain survey updated

Image above: Rosewood Option
Image Above: Neutral Option

Image above: CHERRY used for kitchen cabinets
Image above: Floor stain options - Neutral or Rosewood

The installation of the wood floors is scheduled to begin in about 2 weeks, so today, we took another look at all the different stain options.
When we were doing the floors upstairs, we decided to go with the 'Rosewood' stain option. The floors turned out really nice - very rich and not too dark. At the time, we figured we would go with 'Rosewood' downstairs also...
Today, Bryan suggested we go with a lighter stain, like 'Neutral'. Reason being: the downstairs doesn't get as much natural light as upstairs and he's afraid it's going to be too dark. I can understand his concern, but I'd prefer to have the same floor stain throughout, especially since we have wood kitchen cabinets... I'm afraid we're going to have a mish-mash of woods.
However, after taking another look at the wood used for the kitchen cabinets (image above), the cherry is close to the 'Neutral' stain option for the floors. Plus, the kitchen is very narrow. SO, maybe it would be better to go lighter with the floors downstairs?
What does everyone think? Call out for suggestions...
Thanks to all for weighing in your suggestions and thoughts.
Here's the tally as of now:
+ Rosewood Option = 2 votes
+ Neutral Option = 3 votes
+ Not Sure = 3 votes


riverdreams said...

I love the floors upstairs. You might consider two things: if the stain of the cabinets and the floor are the same it might make the area look bigger; or if the floor is darker it will accent your cabinets. Everything you have done looks great - keep up the good work.

riverdreams said...

I like the neutral.

Trægulve said...

This is a beautiful article. The pictures are very beautiful and high quality. I hope you will post more and thank you for sharing.