January 21, 2009

soapstone countertop installation

... the photos don't do the material justice... the counters are beautiful, especially after applying a coat of mineral oil. The mineral oil makes the stone darker and brings out the 'veining' more - it almost looks like a blackish greenish marble.

If we want the counters to be lighter, we should not treat the soapstone with mineral oil - the counters will then be a similar color/tone as in the installation photos above. However, if we want the counters to remain dark, we should apply mineral oil once or twice a week for the first month, once a week or every other week for the second month, then, starting the third month, as needed.

I prefer the darker stone, although both options look nice... it will be interesting to see how the material 'patinas'.

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Little Old House said...

BEAUTIFUL counters!!! The kitchen it looking great!