February 1, 2009

95% of a new kitchen

... the plumbing has been plumbed, gas connection hooked up, all the appliances have been installed, dishes unpacked and refrigerator and pantry kind-of filled. The only things missing are a few additional shelves for the cabinets, hardware which still needs to be installed, plus the trash bins which also have to be installed. Then we just need to live in the kitchen, figure out a place and space for everything and slowly get it a little more organized.
We wouldn't be architects if we didn't have a few criticisms:

1. The cabinets could be hung about 8"-12" lower for me. Bryan likes the height functionally, and I like the height aesthetically, since at their current height they almost touch the ceiling. But functionally, they are a little too high for me. Oh well, the price we pay for good design!

2. The cooktop is a little crude. I would have been okay with electric, but Bryan really wanted gas, and we could not afford a sleeker/flatter looking gas cooktop.

3. I really wish we had an extra 6 sf of space for a pantry. Maybe we'll be able to come up with something...?

... however, in general, we love the new kitchen!


maya florence said...

lt's looking GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CouponAlbum said...

Great choice of new kitchen appliances and furniture!! Cabinet set is looking great!! It's a prefect kitchen!!