March 17, 2009

prouve meets reality

I was hoping to salvage my grandparents' old 1950s wood dining table. It's nothing fancy, in fact, it's rather rickety... However, it's a wonderful size, with 3 table inserts, and it would definitely serve us well until we could build or afford something we really love, like the Prouve EM table...
(I love Prouve!) Back to reality... besides the budget factor, it's my grandparents table... The problem is that the table endured quite a bit of water damage while in storage. In addition, the table base is quite ornate (2 curved legs with lots and lots of stiles), so in order to refinish it well, the cost would be more than what the table is worth... sigh.

Ikea has 2 tables that really aren't that bad looking, plus they are both a really nice size... the
Forsby and the Norden... they aren't dirt cheap, but both priced under $300, they aren't out of reach either...
... Prouve EM will have to wait a few years. or more.

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