March 25, 2009

survey says...

Survey time! We have several options regarding the dining room table...

Option A: Ikea's NORDEN table
Finish: Beech
Cost = approx. $300.
Pros: Cheap(er); Ready to buy; aesthetically nice; extension table so size flexible
Cons: Not exactly what we're looking for - concerned that the red Eames DCW chairs with the table will look too 'clunky'; not a permanent solution BUT we could always sell it /use it elsewhere in the house (i.e. basement workspace?)

Option B: Do-it-Yourself Wood Slab with Chrome Legs (similar to table in photo below)
Finish: Not sure. Depends on how much we want to spend for the wood slab...
Cost = $300. - $500. + ?
Pros: Around the same cost as the Ikea table (= cheaper), or more mid-range in price, but much more streamlined / more along the lines of what we were looking for (if we build it okay...)
Cons: Depending on our millworking skills/budget constraints, may not look as nice as the table in the photo below; size not flexible (no extension leaves)

Option C: Vintage Danish Table
Finish: Rosewood
Cost: approx. $1300.
Pros: Investment piece; aesthetically beautiful; size flexible (2 extension leaves included)
Cons: Price $$$

... I'm kind of leaning towards Option B right now. Option C is GORGEOUS, but $$$. Sigh. What to do?


maya florence said...

what a difficult decision! option 1.. you can always paint and finish as you please... option 2 is not bad!! (option 3 it seems is out of the options!)
So.. I dunno!!!!!! have you decided????

ingrida said...

No decisions have been made yet... still weighing in all the options (and checking out OTHER options)... I'll be sure to update!

miss megan said...

Hey there, I am kind of in your boat right now, renovating a new place and buying furniture etc.
I too am thinking of the Norden Table. It is def. better looking in person and with the bench. (if you buy the largest size which the bench fits nicely with)

Also you can get hairpin legs, or regular vintage legs for inexpensive on line for option b. that would look a little more "finished" and less DIY. Def. scour ebay for slabs.

Option C. we too have weighed and I have perused c-list etc. but yes, after you add in expensive.

Have you looked at West Elms Modern Farm dining table? Or for a more streamlined table CB2's Coop table (on sale for $699) More mid range...both of those tables are in between IKEA and VINTAGE.

Good luck! I am at

Funny, I just did a post on cuckoo clocks too. :-)

miss megan said...

I saw your note, thanks! I also found a new west elm modern farm dining table (sans bench) :-( for 450 dollars on craigslist. I am considering it and then buying the bench and going with the eames dowel chairs...but I guess once I get in there again and measure I may want that big long norden one!

Love your blog! I grew up outside Chicago in Rockford before moving to NYC btw...