October 13, 2006


We have been taking Charlevoix to "doggie daycare" every day, while construction workers invade our home. It's just way too dusty and noisy - Charlevoix starts sneezing and wheezing and hides out under the desk or in some corner, bewildered as to what exactly is going on. Not to mention, people are constantly going in and out, leaving the front door open... and most of the guys are scared of her, even though she really is just an oversized lap dog.

Anyway, months back, in searching for a place to board the pooch while we were in Europe, Bryan found this overnight/daytime dog boarding kennel in the South Loop - DoGone Fun. It is fantabulous! It seriously is like a montessori of dog kennels. Fenced in playing areas indoors and out, equipped with toys and kiddie pools, Charlevoix LOVES it. Somedays she's with the big dogs, other days she keeps company with the small ones. If she feels like going inside for a nap, no problem. If we have to work late, not a problem either, since someone lives above the kennel.

The only thing is, Charlevoix, by nature, is a bit of a slug. She is used to napping all day long. So, now, after a full day of exercise and excitement, she is exhausted to the core. Once she goes down, she is down 'till morning. She even sometimes moans in her sleep. This photo was taken Wendesday night - she lay down on the bed, atop a pile of blankets and pillows, placed her head on the back of the couch and was snoring away within minutes. She slept like that for 2 hours straight. Seriously.

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