October 13, 2006

Now we just need the electrician...

Picked up the recessed can lights at Home Depot last Saturday... they have been sitting in our living room since, awaiting the electrician's arrival Monday. We are using a combination of 4" and 5" Halo recessed can lights, with white baffle trim, throughout the entire upstairs. Originally we were going to get Juno light fixtures thru Lightology. However, after taking a second look at our budget and running a cost and performance comparison with Halo, we opted for Halo, with a cost savings of over $1500. We didn't get the trim option we wanted and Juno fixtures do perform better, but sacrifices must be made and $1500. is mucho dineros.

Our electrician has been really cooperative by allowing us to buy our own light fixtures and switches (combination of Lutron and Leviton). Not only do we get the exact types we specified, we save a large chunk of money in purchasing everything ourselves.

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