October 10, 2006

Rehabbing Rule #1. Every surprise uncovered = $5K min.

The sad little cantilevered bay projection in the photo above was our first "surprise", although honestly, we anticipated it had issues, as mentioned in an earlier post. Turns out, it has ISSUES. The entire bay is completely, utterly, totally, molecularly rotted.
We are talking about so rotted that one can turn wood to dust with a swipe of the index finger.
That crack of blue at the top center of the photo... that is DAYLIGHT shining thru. My pinky can fit into that crack, no problem.
A window sill that has seen brighter days.

I am SHOCKED we haven't had that bay drop itself into the alley and just evaporate into thin air, dust in the wind. Anyway, it looks as though this Thursday work on the bay begins. Since the roof cantilevers out over this projection, it will have to be temporarily rigged while the floor joists are repaired and lifted with hydraulic jacks. In addition, all 3 walls will be completely rebuilt...
* Note to self: Go to Dominick's Wednesday night and pick up 5 bottles of TUMS and 5 bottles of hard liquor. Use as needed starting Thursday.

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Little Old House said...

I love your big yellow garbage shute. Sorry to hear about the rotten bay window. Good thing you guys didn't have any crazy parties in that corner and have some poor drunk guy fall into the alley.