August 22, 2007

Master Bathroom Update

Photos, taken over the past several days, documenting construction progress in the master bathroom:
Plumbing has been roughed-in for the tub and shower (photos above and below)We have also framed out the tub surround, shower shelf and ductwork. The existing (and only) air supply grille happened to be located directly under the tub surround. Originally, we planned to reroute the duct, however that got very expensive and many floor joists would have needed to be cut. Since that was not an option, we decided to just run the existing supply vertically, and locate a grille in the wall. Not the ideal solution, but it works.The tub faucets have been located and are being tweaked, in order to leave room for tile installation.
We brought the tub upstairs and it will be secured into place today. We will then have two bathtubs in the house. TWO. Currently we just have one very tiny shower, which is fine, but I just really miss taking baths.

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