October 18, 2007

Leveling String to the Rescue!

I kind of goofed, twice, when ordering the shower curtain.
First goof - I forgot to order extenders for the curtain... so, when we hooked it to the track, it hung about 22" above the edge of the tub. Oops. As a temporary solution, Bryan used leveling string as extenders. It actually looks really cool, given that the bathroom is mostly white, with tones of grey.
Second goof - I purchased one very long continuous shower curtain... I should have purchased two, to allow for easier access in and out of the shower and to allow for easier access to the wall mounted faucet controls.
In any case, the shower curtain works (we had 5 house guests this past weekend and no problems). So, we're golden with this solution for now...


Wendy said...

The curtains look great! They could almost be permanent fixtures in the house :) Love the couch, by the way.

ingrida said...

Thanks! I was really surprised how NICE the dropcloth material was... I think we lucked out with a good batch - in any case, it looks like linen (almost) and it serves its purpose.