October 18, 2007

No Money for Doors and Window Treatments? No Problem.

Try and guess how much our temporary window treatments cost and what they are made of... A clue: All components were purchased at Home Depot, the same solution worked for both doors and windows and no drilling, cutting nor sewing was necessary.

As mentioned in my previous post, we had a house full of guests this past weekend - Bryan's family (mom, dad, sister and her two daughters). As a result, we had a marathon month of getting the house to a point of "habitable" for a normal human (unlike ourselves, who live amid a labyrinth of boxes and plastic wrap). One leg of the marathon was getting some type of temporary doors and window shades installed.

So... what did we use and how much did it cost?

We did not want to drill anything into the drywall, given it's temporary, so we ended up using tension rods ($4.99 each). My mom found 5'x9' painters' dropcloths in this linen looking burlap material ($9.99 each) which we we attached to the tension rods with curtain rings (each bag was around $10). The curtain rings have these teethy pinchers to hold the fabric, so no need to make holes - we just overlapped the top, attached the rings and slipped them thru the curtain rods. Many thanks to my mom who was in charge of this endeavor!!!
Positioning the curtain rods into place took two people, since there was some adjusting to do to the rod spring with a screwdriver, while holding the rod in place. But installation went so smoothly and FAST. We had 4 doors and 4 windows covered in an hour.
I told my mom she needs to go into business as a Martha Stewart for the common folk - people who work, have little time and even less money.
Who knew painters' dropcloths could be so nice???

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