February 7, 2009

the beech BILLY

Today's project was to assemble the full wall of bookcases in the dining room. As mentioned in a previous post, unfortunately our budget, at this time, doesn't allow for custom bookshelves PLUS we still have yet to rehab the living and who knows what we'll end up doing once we tackle that area.
SO, as a (temporary) solution, we decided to buy four BILLY bookcases (31 1/2" wide each) from IKEA, plus the extension unit for each, placing them at approx. 8'-0" tall (our ceilings are close to 10' so we try and maximize vertical space wherever possible, PLUS most of the doors and the tops of the window openings are at 8'-0" so a standard height looks good).
The four of them fit perfectly against our north dining room wall, so that they almost appear to be built-in. We ended up going with the beech veneer option since it looks similar to cherry. As a result, our dining room and kitchen now have this continuous visual flow. Now we finally get to unpack all of our books!!!

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