February 5, 2009


Even though the living room still needs a complete overhaul, it's not going to be happening anytime too soon, given the following:
1. We're trying to be conservative with spending given each morning we awake, wondering if there will be layoffs at the office, due to the crappy economy.
2. Our own personal finances have been drained after the last gut-rehab phase (kitchen/dining/powder room/basement stairwell).
3. We're tired.
So, in an effort to live somewhat normally, we figured out a temporary, yet comfortable, layout for the living room. The best part... take a look at the plan above... compare to our
October 2006 floor plan ... notice any difference? NO STORAGE BOXES! NO STORAGE SHELVES! NO LUMBER! NO BEDROOM FURNITURE NEXT TO THE LUMBER! NO BATHTUBS NEXT TO THE TV! This is a major improvement folks...

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