February 17, 2009

a REVISED normal

Referring back to a note posted a couple weeks ago, we decided to revise our temporary layout for the living room (see above). I don't know if this will help us get to normal, but let's hope we manage to achieve some level of comfort.

On a side note, ignoring the crumbling plaster walls and crudely constructed surface mounted electrical conduits... the existing flooring in the living room is this tightly woven beige berber carpet. It would be tolerable except for the fact that it is SHREDDED in several areas, and when I say shredded, I mean huge patches of pulled fibers exposing the floor underneath. We're not going to discuss in detail how we got those patches. Let's just say that instead of chewing on furniture, Charlevoix shredded carpet, books and dvds as a puppy. ANYWAY, our pathetic temporary solution for THAT problem was to cover the patches with cheap area rugs strategically placed in two zones. Problem is, the layout above doesn't cooperate with our 'zones'.

What to do?

The floors underneath are in grotesque shape. They look like rotten teeth and probably function like them as well - we're afraid that the carpet is holiding the flooring together, so we don't want to pull it up quite yet. Recarpeting the living room is not an option either - too expensive (unless we go with $0.50/sf Astro-Turf from the Home Depot... yeah, NO).

Suggestions...? I'm thinking we just get a couple of LARGER area rugs for the time being...

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