May 28, 2009


One of my biggest heartaches during our whole gut-rehab adventure has been that my dad wasn't able to see any of the major work completed. He was diagnosed with cancer soon after we purchased the house and within 2 years he was pretty much bed-ridden and unable to communicate very well. We had just started the major work on the second floor when he passed away... My dad gut-rehabbed 2 houses on his own... I learned from him and his work, but I cannot count how many times I have asked and continue to ask myself "how would dad detail this?" or wish that he was still alive so that he could come and critique all the details I screwed up (Jesus Christ... have you heard of a level? Who the hell hung the drywall? I'm getting motion sickness from the waves... (then with a smile and pat on the back) Looks good!!!!)

My mom has put their Michigan/summer house on the market... so I've been busy taking photos of the house whenever I go up there to visit... During my last visit I took lots and lots of photos of the front deck... lots of great little details to keep in mind when constructing our own deck (hopefully this summer). My dad had all these elegant little details/solutions stored away in his brain... God is in the details, right?

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