May 28, 2009

iron ore

Since our existing front door is and has been in extremely bad shape, howling wear, tear and age... since we can't afford a new door this year... since our house looks a little schizophrenic with dark trim on the second floor and light trim on the first... since it's time to get things a little more 'finished'... we decided "for the time being" to spruce up the front door and downstairs window with a fresh coat (or 3) of paint...
BEFORE photo of the front door and downstairs front window, with cracked and peeling cream colored paint:
AFTER photo, with 2 coats of Sherwin Williams Iron Ore Eggshell Paint (1 or 2 more coats to go, plus a little detail painting at the door jamb and window screen trim):
I was toying with the idea of maybe painting the house numbers a pop-y color... If the door frame was chunkier, I'd say the door frame stays Iron Ore grey however the actual door gets painted a deep aubergine... but it is what it is for now, so for now, I've got the numbers... maybe.


Anonymous said...


Every so often I check the blog. The house looks great.

I doubt you have to replace the front door if you intend to keep it painted. You can remove any bad veneer with a router and then glue back replacement wood of the same thickness you rout out. I'd use baltic birch plywood, and a waterproof glue like Tightbond II. It's especially easy in corners such as the bottom right, where you can rout out a diagonal line and everything outside that, then glue in replacement wood and trim flush to the door edges. When routing start at the corner and rout back to your line, so you have a base for the router. Clamp a board across the door to give you a "fence" so that you rout out an exact triangle.

We used to use a heat gun to take everything down to raw wood before major carpentry.

Bring it to Colorado and I'll do it for you in about 15-minutes. We are rehabbing a garage next door... will have a great shop.


ingrida said...


I miss you! When are you coming up to Chicago? Will you be flying in for the Mac this year?

Thanks for the carpentry tips... looks as though we most likely will keep the door painted so this may be the way to go. We also have to replace the glass in the door (currently it is lovely security wire glass... NICE!).

How's the house in Colorado? Send photos!!!