July 6, 2011

Phase MMXI: living room, vestibule and stair gut-rehab

... has begun.

+ complete demo (existing walls, ceiling, floors, fireplace... down to the studs)
+ repair floor and ceiling joists
+ install new subfloor
+ install new ventless fireplace, floor plate and fireplace surround
+ install new electrical (fixtures, switches, outlets, phone jacks, doorbell)
+ install new insulation
+ install new drywall (walls and ceiling)
+ repair stairs (rebuild stringer, new treads and risers, sand/refinish wood paneling)
(when budget/savings permit: install handrail and guardrail)
+ install new wood floors
+ refinish front door and vestibule door
+ retile vestibule
+ misc. (paint, install trim, fit-out closet under stairs, install window shades, make it pretty, etc.)


... no more ghetto living room... hard to believe... with your duct-taped carpet, surface mounted electrical conduit, track lighting from the 70s and stairs that are 'this-close' to collapsing... I'm actually going to kind of miss you... but not really...

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